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PS Liked your article. Hope this gives a true Samoan perspective – we are trying our best against all odds and no one seems to care.

SAMOA's Cool Earth Attempts - Samoan Diesel emitting some cool responses

TALOFA and Hello to you all from the Samoan Islands.

Samoa, South Pacific, has had enough of your global impacts from carbon emissions.

Time to Cool our Earth, Samoan-style.

We need $USD2Million to adapt to the already gradual and insidious impacts of climate change, and we need to build resilience along our coastlines.

With 50% of our aid monies going into restoring the damage caused by your global impacts, our health and education sectors will just have to wait for further prioritization. Our Samoan children will just have to continue to suffer, but who cares?

Mind you, Pacific cultures are suffering as well, directly because of climate change, but that’s not on any overseas’ radar screens yet.

And it’s sure no concern of yours. Or is it? If so, read on. If not, carry on.

Samoans have proven traditional adaptation skills, we are the Professors of Sustainability, living on these islands for 3000 years plus in harmony with nature.

Well, until just recently.

You need a little South-South Technological Transfer (SSTT) and, to be bold, may be a little South-North Technological Transfer (SNTT),.

We own these traditional patents, but we’re willing to share these technologies with the so-called ‘developed’ world that is leading countries like Samoa further into ‘under-development’ or ‘mal-development’.

What makes you think that you are ‘developed’, especially when it is at our expense as Samoans?

UN Human Rights were written for a reason, and we all know why.

UNFCCC was written and negotiated for 16 years unsuccessfully to date for a reason, and we all know why.

Proof in the pudding is in the eating, and we Samoans are still eating your emissions, and you are serving us up with more, not less.

Why? Where’s your Climate Justice? Have you heard of Climate Health?

Well, “Serving’ in Samoa has a different connotation – it means to provide sustainably, socially, economically, culturally, respectfully. It relies on possessing some real proven values that put our society in touch with ourselves, each other, our surrounding natural beauty and ecosystems, even our proven successful Ancestral Gods.

We’ve all ignored the Pacific’s “Education for Sustainable Development’ (ESD).

Samoa is entertaining these 3 documents/strategies/action plans to help provide, firstly, the training we all need to help protect ourselves from yourselves; secondly, we then may acquire the understanding needed to further and rapidly protect ourselves and yourselves from yourselves; and thirdly, with all this training and understanding comes commitment and implementation, at least nationally, with lessons learned regionally and globally, hopefully.

Samoa is going to make a stance, united, against this disrespect of yours: disrespect for humanity, disrespect for indigenous cultures, disrespect of your own children, disrespect of our Ancestral Gods of Sustainability.

Our children are crying out, planning a “Global Class-Action Suit” against all adults for dis-service to humanity, especially us Kids: tells all, albeit theatrically, poetically, and from an epistemological viewpoint that most of you emitters out there will not/cannot relate to.

We are just indigenous Pacific Islanders, traditional landowners of the South Seas, or is it the South Seize?

Pacific Island cultures are today enjoying the fastest rate of disappearance of all cultures in the world, right here here in Oceania. 3000 Pacific languages, and cultures, are eroding at an alarming rate and you don’t care.

Well, it seems to us that you don’t care. Are we right?

We have successfully appealed to the Least Developed Country Trust Fund for Adaptation to Climate Change with our $USD2M proposal - attached.

We urgently need a Climate Early Warning System (CLEWS) to help protect our Kids from Climate-related Diseases – WHO estimate 150,000 deaths annually globally because of Climate Health Risks taking their toll during 2008. This figure is expected to rise as you know, but you simply don’t seem to care, not even about yourself, your own children, your grand-mothers.

Where can we appeal to?

Who can help us?

JICA, NIWA (, GEF-PAS, LDC Trust Fund, WHO, UNDP, etc. are all coming to our rescue.

If you can assist us, then please do so because we are so ignorant of the real precautionary steps that we may need to be taking with some urgency. We’ve tried our best to include these in our attached $2Million proposal – a draft only.

Finally, Samoa would like to become a carbon-neutral holiday destination so come along and off-set your carbon holiday footprints and help us implement the attached projects.

To leave you with a thought: ‘Samoan Diesel’ is being used in our boilers, our generators, our vehicles and our rugby players, right here on-island – that’s why our International Rugby players run so fasttttttttttt.

It’s been working like this for the past 3000 years, and it’s been helping to save your Planet.

If you have any further ideas and offers of assistance, or you’d like to argue against any of the points of view put across somewhat boldly and theatrically to you here, then please do so.

Samoa has a $USD63Million proposal being dreamt of for further adaptation across other sectors (tourism, ecosystem, rural communities, etc.) just waiting to be funded, probably being funded by the biggest emitters.

Can we Samoans ethically accept these funds? Somehow it just doesn’t seem to fit comfortably with our traditional proven ethical social values.

Anyhow, many of you may have read all the climate change literature without realizing a few of the above basic facts and impacts on Pacific Island cultures. That’s OK. We can forgive you, once you’ve stopped your carbon emissions.

So, please, help form a partnership to help Cool this Earth.

Just read Samoa’s Climate Risk Profile (2007) - attached.

And explain why our fruit trees are all flowering this year (July 2008) way out of season – not recorded like this over the past 20 years.

Explain why the coral reefs throughout the Pacific are all turning white, bleached by sea temperature rises of 0.7 degrees Celsius or more in Samoa.

And ENSO (El Nino Southern Oscillation) events are closely correlated over the past 20-30 years with serios outbreaks of Dengue Fever throughout the Pacific, and, more recently, even the often fatal Haemorrhagic Dengue Fever.

We in the Pacific have enough to contend with with just ENSO events, but this tells us clearly what a ‘global ENSO Event’ (or Climate Change catastrophe) is likely to do to us all.

The evidence is here. And it is inconveniencing us Pacific Islanders.

The global commitment is still not here: an Inconvenient Truth, as some might say.

The GORE you people have!!

Voters globally will not vote for their governments if Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation measures are going to impact on the pockets of the voters (and of course on the pockets of we Samoans trying to live an idyllic South Seas lifestyle, full of romance and hope for our children).

To prove this, just look at New Zealand and Australian voting logic these past few months.

Disrespectful – unless you can explain to me a more polite way of saying “No one cares about Samoa’s Rugby Players’ children dying”.

So, face up to it now, reduce your emissions by 100% within 2 years.


Stop mining coal.

Stop exporting coal to China, Australia.

Stop building coal-fired power stations Australia (in China).

Stop eating all that meat. Errrr, what’s the connection with meat and Climate Change.

Stop smoking. Errrr, what’s the connection with tobacco and Climate Change.

Any past-time that causes deforestation, globally, must now be questioned, especially if it means less oxygen, more atmospheric carbon, and more methane (from meat producing cows!!!). Got it. Hari Krishna still practice the above ethics, for a reason. Oh YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHH?

So today, why turn your back on ‘Samoan Diesel’ any longer? Come and see our ‘CocoGens’, our expansive coconut plantations, our bio-fuel project plans, our plans to Cool the Earth for your global benefit, for the public good.

This may contradict your own philosophy, but we can temper that as well with our proven traditional technologies.

Tofa Soifua and Goodbye


Dr. Steve Brown
GEF Services (Samoa)
Ministry of Natural Resources & Environment (MNRE)
MNRE Website:
GEF-PAS Samoa Blog:

Further information:
Pacific Education for Sustainable Development Framework
Endorsed for the Pacific Forum Education Ministers
27 September 2006, Nadi Fiji

Action Plan for Implementing Education for Sustainable Development in the Pacific Islands 2008-2014

Education for Sustainable Development Toolkit, Version 2, July 2002

Climate Risk Profile for Samoa, March 2007